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“Troy has been the best web development company I have worked with period. They have met or exceeded my expectations on every project. They have allowed me to bring all of my projects together under one roof and begin to develop an integrated product and code base that can be leveraged across all of my existing and forthcoming services.”
Dave Parker
IT Manager, Innovative solutions
 Customer Relationship Management
Troy create intelligent Customer Relationship Management solutions which ensure you make the most of each prospect and contact.
The goal of CRM is to aid organisations in better understanding each customer's value to the company, whilst improving the efficiency and effectiveness of communication. CRM captures, analyses, and distributes all relevant data from customer and prospect interactions to everyone in the organisation. This distribution of information helps an organisation better meet customer, product, and service needs.
From the outside, customers interacting with your company perceive the business as a single entity, despite often interacting with a number of employees in different roles and departments. CRM is a combination of policies, processes, and strategies implemented by an organisation to unify its customer interactions and provide a means to track customer information. It involves the use of technology in attracting new and profitable customers, while forming tighter bonds with existing ones.
At Troy we create bespoke CRM solutions tailored to your exact specifications and business processes. We ensure that our applications deliver a solution to your current needs, whilst being able to adapt to you future requirements.
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