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“Troy has been the best web development company I have worked with period. They have met or exceeded my expectations on every project. They have allowed me to bring all of my projects together under one roof and begin to develop an integrated product and code base that can be leveraged across all of my existing and forthcoming services.”
Dave Parker
IT Manager, Innovative solutions
 Business continuity
Our Experience is Your Best Defence
Troy offers comprehensive Business Continuity Solutions, protecting you against a wide variety of threats that can disrupt your critical operations and services. We take on the complexity inherent in business continuity planning by combining our professional services expertise, experience and methodology with best-in-class "high availability"and disaster recovery solutions. To ensure a full service and global coverage for our clients, we also cultivate key strategic alliances, reducing risk and protecting your enterprise if disaster strikes. We will work with you to identify and anticipate potential threats to your organization, designing and implementing dependable back-up systems and providing a single point of contact – even when multiple service contracts are in place. Our aim is to provide a resilient and highly available networked IT infrastructure that will help your business thrive in the 21st century.
A Focused Process
Troy has also undertaken all aspects of business continuity planning for a global company. This includes business impact assessments, identifying recovery strategies, implementing the optimal solution and writing, and testing the continuity plans. With our depth of experience, Troy can tailor continuity solutions to meet your specific business needs. We focus on helping you to address your precise risks, and enabling you to quickly resume operations in the event of a disruption.
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